Photo by Xelina Flores Photography
Hi! We are an urban farming family living in San Antonio, Texas. I'm Joanna, mom to two little munchkins. I am married to Javi, the owner of Yard to Table. I started writing Dirtiest Kid in the World years ago to help my friends who were putting in their first gardens all over the country.  I have a special place in my heart for gardeners in San Antonio and Austin. It takes a special breed to garden in the Texas heat.


Over the years, we have ripped out our yard for an outrageously large vegetable garden, berry brambles, fruit trees, herb spirals, rain barrels and traditional cooking pits. Our family has grown to include lots of chickens, abandoned street dogs, a tailless cat, toads and red wiggler worms. I want to help you grow your own food! It can be confusing getting started but I know you can do this. If you need me, you can reach me at dirtiestkid@gmail.com.
Photo by Hello Misha