Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Trellis

Malabar Spinach
We had a good question over on our facebook page about what to do with an bare trellis over the Summer.

You have an empty trellis too? Do you want to make a trellis and use it over the Summer?

OK! Let's go.

You can plant our favorite Summer Green climber- Malabar Spinach. Beautiful red vines and tasty greens.

Or look for a climbing variety of Cow Peas. Cow peas, also called Black Eyed Peas, also called Southern Peas, are a great nitrogen fixer for your soil if you want to rest the area before your fall plants go in. Plus, you get black eyed peas out of the deal. Make sure you find the climbing variety if you are looking to use your trellis. Regular cow peas are great too. Dry them and save them for the new year.
My first baby with a Chinese Noodle Bean.

You can also plant Chinese Noodle Beans- which are comically large and add some fun to the garden. These are great in stir fry.

Or you can try melons that you trellis with old pantyhose. 

What is growing on your trellis this Summer? If you have any gardening questions- please feel free to ask here in the comments! That's what I am here for! 

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  1. Cow boomJune 2, 2013 at 8:59 PM

    Thanks for this tutorial. The Chinese noodles beans on a circular trellis looks like a good way to utilize space. When someone wants to grow beans without having a lot of garden space, this is ideal.

    I have never tried to create a circular trellis but it should be fairly easy to do, once I set my mind to it. I think that would be the most difficult part of growing beans in containers.

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