Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What to do in your garden on a rainy day

So it's been raining. That's good! But you here hoping to do some gardening. You still can! Here are our favorite ideas for the garden when it is raining.

1. Spray beneficial nematodes! They control yucky pests like ticks and fleas.
2. Plant seeds! Your garden needs the most water right after you plant seeds. We currently have a backyard of dirt so we took this opportunity to throw out some grass seeds. Good choices on rainy days are big fat seeds like beans, peas or squash because they need to be soaked to germinate.
3. Sheet mulch a new garden bed. When it rains a whole lot your sheet mulch will decompose faster. We are sheet mulching a new garden bed and when it is not quite so wet we are going to throw a bunch of dirt on top of it all and plant it up.
4. Check the drainage around your house. Where is the rain soaking into your house, where it is not soaking your garden? How are your rain barrels holding up? Need to upgrade your barrels? Need more or need them in a different spot? Investigate.
5. Plan out what to do on your next sunny garden day. Or you can do my favorite garden task and order more seeds. MUST HAVE ALL THE SEEDS. 

Not staying on garden paths +eating dirt= Rule Breaker

WARNING: Don't walk on your growing space or dig when it is wet. Just don't do it! Good soil is like light cake, airy with holes for water and space pockets. Walking or digging around collapses your dirt making your soil-cake rubbery, and then, when it dries, hard as a rock. This is esp. bad if you have hard clay soil as many of us in Central and South Texas do. So as you go about your garden tasks-remember to stay on your pathways.

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  1. Eliza BatmanFebruary 21, 2013 at 10:50 PM

    I also have a mini garden of my own here at the balcony of my apartment. It is amazing how you can have something like it in your place of zen. But you can never avoid these irritating pests.

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