Sunday, October 21, 2012

Top Tips for Growing the Perfect Carrot

Yellow Carrots
Now is a great time to plant some carrots in your Central or South Texas garden. Carrots taste best when they mature in cool weather. (Sorry Texans- no Spring carrots for us)

Because carrots need well worked, non-compacted soil, they are a great choice for raised beds. We grow our carrots in the ground which is an easy way to tell how far down your soil has been improved. Once carrots grow down into an area without good soil, they start growing crooked and wonky. So step one to growing great carrots is to get your soil up to par.

How to grow carrots by seed:
1. Improve your soil and weed your carrot area.
2. Draw a straight line in the soil with your finger and sprinkle in carrot seeds.
3. Instead of covering the seeds with dirt at this step- just water in.
4. Carrot seeds need some sun to sprout. A very common mistake when planting carrots if to plant the seed too deeply. Watering the seeds will cause them to be covered with just enough dirt for sprouting.
5. Thin out carrots as they sprout up. Carrots planted too closely together will be small and runty.
6. Don't be discouraged if you don't see carrot seeds pop up right away because they usually take 10-14 days.

Kids LOVE growing and eating carrots of unusual colors. (I do too.) We have grown purple, yellow and white carrots.

Even our dog loves carrots.
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Sowing San Antonio: October

My favorite thing growing in my fall garden this year

How's your fall gardening coming friends? If any of your favorites haven't sprouted or your transplants croaked- don't worry! You can plant everything this month that you could plant last month! Fill in those empty spaces. If you haven't had a chance to plant your garden- great news: there is still time. Here is the list of what you can plant now. Get your greens on.

Artichoke (crowns/transplants)
Broccoli (transplants) 
Brussels Sprouts (transplants) 
Bok Choy
Cabbage (transplants) 
Cauliflower (transplants) 
Swiss Chard (seeds or transplants) 
Collards (seeds or transplants) 
Kale (seeds or transplants) 
Kohlrabi (seeds or transplants) 
Mustard (seeds or transplants)

Cool season greens  

On another note, I am honored to have a guest post about Kitchen Herb Spirals up at Red, White and Grew, one of my favorite blogs about gardening and homeschooling. I invite you to check it out!