Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tomato Surgeon


One last tomato tip. Say you have some tomato plants that look like they they won't make it through the summer or that looks like this:

Yikes!* You can also use this method if you just want to grow more tomato plants in the Fall. Just choose any tomato plant in your garden that you'd like more of.
Before you pull up the plant as a total loss- here's a tip. Take cuttings from the newest growth. Make sure your cuttings are not affected by any fungus, mold etc.  You want a fresh and green piece from the end of the plant. Cut it with an exacto knife and trim off the lower leaves and branches as well.
Put the cuttings in a jar of water on a sunny windowsill. The plants can soak up a lot of water, so make sure you don't let them dry out. You want to change the water out daily, much like you would with cut flowers. In a few days they will have roots, and you can put them in pots. In 2 weeks (sometime in July) you can plant these in the garden for fall tomatoes! Look at you making fall tomatoes happen for free! I mean- really- you can't beat free.

Here is a close up of sweet potato slips we cut the same way two days ago. Those are the little white roots starting to grow. 
Growing vegetables in South and Central Texas can be confusing because the planting times are different from most other places. People are often asking me what can I plant now and when can I plant ____? (fill in your favorite vegetable) So I am going to add a new feature called Sowing on the Second and Sowing on the Seventeenth and do my dangest to actually post at least a short post on the 2nd and 17th of each month letting you know what you can plant NOW and how you can get ready to plant what comes next. Since I missed the 17th this month- look for the first sowing post soon.

To those I promised amaranth seeds- sorry for the delay but they should be on the way soon! I didn't forget about you.

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