Friday, October 28, 2011

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

We have new chicks! These are Rhode Island Reds and light weight Brahmas that we got from Moore's Seed and Feed in South San Antonio.

Most of these chicks are promised to our lovely friends and neighbors when they feather out. 2 here, 4 there and 3 in the backyard behind ours. We will be keeping a few as well to restock our chicken flock. A few of our chickens keeled over in the super hot heat this summer. People often ask what we do with our chickens in the winter. Chickens survive outside just fine in much chillier states than this one. We have covered our coop with some plastic sheeting on the few days it got really chilly but I think our summers are really the risk for Texas Chickens. I am so excited to spread the love of chickens around.

Here's our first chicken tractor. Made out of found materials. You can start as small and cheaply as you want. Many people start with just two chickens who will provide you with about a dozen organic fresh eggs a week.
Don't Tell Greenling we forever borrowed this bin.

Who's next?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Three Little Beans

We are growing the plain green bean in three varieties. Trail of Tears Green Bean, Dragon Tongue and Royalty Purple Pod.

Apparently the Trail of Tears Green Bean is an heirloom that the Native Americans brought with them. Not very uplifting but they were expert gardeners. These beans grow.

There are two main types of green beans- bush beans and climbing beans. Climbing beans (Trail of Tears) need a trellis. The bush beans (Dragon Tongue and Purple Pod) just grow on the ground. All grow tasty beans so you can use either variety depending on your space options.

The crazy thing is that when you cook the beans, no matter the pattern or color, all turn a shade of green. DKITW stated that the Dragon Tongue Beans turned Chartreuse and I am sad to say I had no idea what color that was. But will wonders never cease- she nailed it.

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment. - Claude Monet

Zucchini Time

So far this season I have made vegetable soup with zucchini and my new favorite zucchini recipe: vegetarian enchiladas. If you would like to make enchiladas too:

Saute onions with zucchini or yellow squash (or both.) Then fill corn tortillas with sauteed veggies and a sprinkle of cheese inside to keep them wrapped together. Put in a baking dish. Cover with tomato sauce. Cover sauce with cheese. Heat in your oven ( or microwave if it is just one of those nights.) Super simple dinner! We love it! Except DKITW who is going through her first picky eater phase and will only eat the zucchini when we have hidden it in cheese. She better re-learn to love zucchini and quick.

My other favorite idea for zucchini is to give it away as fast as possible before we are buried in a pile of fall veggies. My friend from work used one to make her baby some organic baby food. Love.

Anyone want to share some favorite zucchini recipes with me? Bonus points if the recipes are gluten free.