Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Radio Silence

Sorry for the radio silence. I have been brokering world peace, cooking meth, growing a baby while growing a business. Yeah- that last one. New Dirtiest Kid coming in March!

We have also been tying washers on cherry trees:

If you don't weigh down the ends of your fruit trees to train them down, you will have lovely tall fruit trees with all the fruit 20 feet straight up. Good for people who like an adventure while picking their fruit salad.

And breeding toads.

What is the point of having an urban farm if you can't breed butterflies, worms and toads? It all began when a few frogs got frisky in my daughter's kiddie pool. Before we knew it, there were hundreds and hundreds of eggs, and then tadpoles. DKITW started to protest her lack of a kiddie pool, so we turned a rain barrel on its side and Viola! Toads and tadpoles aplenty. Toads are great in the garden. They eat bugs and hop out at night. They are hard to find during the day, but daytime toad hunting can keep a 3 year old busy for hours.

And putting up a shade house.

A friend introduced us to another friend who has been gardening for 70 years! Fabulous and she generously gave us the shell to her old greenhouse. Which was perfect because we needed to make a shade house for all our seedlings. Dirtiest Husband bought a bunch of shade cloth to cover the top and presto chango- shade house. In the winter, we intend to cover it with plastic and presto chango- green house. Winter- hah. We are still sweating it at 100 degree days- but I know the first day of fall has come and gone, and I have hopes fall weather will return again.

Welcome back friends!