Monday, January 17, 2011

The Vegetable People Love to Hate: Radish

The radish is much maligned. At a recent dinner party, everyone agreed that no one likes radishes. Not that no one at that particular party liked radishes, but instead, that no one on planet Earth liked radishes.

You know what is better than the regular red radishes? Daikon radishes. Guess what? I like 'em. I put them in salads all the time. Daikon is the white radish. It has a more mild taste with a little peppery kick. It is radish lite. Here's my hot tip about radishes. I shred them up thin with a peeler- a little bit goes a long way in a salad. They last forever in the fridge.

There is an amazing permaculture action going on with growing radishes as well. As you can see, they can get huge and are digging down deep, breaking up the soil as they grow. We pull off the greens to feed the chickens and leave many of the veggies in the ground in some rough soil to decompose. This brings added nutrients to the soil for our next planting. So next time you see Daikon radishes at your local grocery store, farmer's market, or seed catalog, you might want to give them the old college try.