Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Patty Pan!

Last year, at the Farmer's Market by my house, a local farmer convinced me to buy and try patty pan squash. I love how they look like little flying saucers and I love how they taste like butter when sauteed. That farmer was so right about my new favorite summer squash - the patty pan. But he was so wrong to be eating McDonald's at the farmers market...when he was the grass fed beef guy...but I guess you can't be on top of your game all time (????).

Carrying on. These guys are best picked when 2-3 inches. We saute them in butter, they soak up the taste and yum. You can also roast them or bake them. I have even seen them used as scooped out little dishes for other snacks. Will the fancy never end?

Patty pan are easy to grow and are a nice change of pace when the plain old zucchini bores you. I am happy to say we are still in the early states of zucchini harvesting season and I have yet to resort to placing any squash in other peoples cars, mailboxes or front yards. But considering how many we picked today, that day is nigh.

Patty Pan, Zucchini, Bell Peppers, Serranos, and Sweet Peppers

In other news, this happened: Montana Woman Fights Off Bear Attack With a Zucchini.