Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garden Tour

This is our first time growing Banana Melons! They are growing like crazy.

Basil Forrest. We make a mean vegan pecan pesto around here. This is only one basil section of many in our garden, so it looks like we will be making a lot of pesto.

Purple Cow Peas. We are using cow peas as a cover crop during the summer. Nitrogen fixer with the added bonus of being a delicious dry bean.

Trellising the cantaloupe. I have high and hilarious hopes of being able to wrap our cantaloupes in pantyhose like they do in Texas Gardener. Maybe fishnets.


Leaning Tower of Cucumbers. The amount of cucumbers we have been harvesting will blow your mind. Blow your mind as too what the hell can you use all these cucumbers for? Now taking cucumber recipes.

The Harvest Today: