Monday, March 29, 2010

Out Like A Lamb

Oops-Looks like I missed the month of March back there.

Lots of exciting things are happening inside and outside the garden right now.

Inside the Garden:

The broccoli is flowering. Dirtiest Kid eats these flowers and laughs and laughs about how they taste like broccoli. Weird how that works.

The dwarf peach tree is blooming.

Cabbage Patch Kids.

Poppies! A woman walking her dog by our house today said our garden was one of the most beautiful she had ever seen and that she looked forward to seeing what would pop up next. And she only saw the front! The part that I do! That made my day.

Waiting on my favorite...blackberries!

Here's the thing. There always is one, right? We *might* not be here when the peaches pop and the blackberries ripen. We are putting our garden up for sale. Eeep. We will have to start all over. Someone will be here enjoying our Satsuma oranges and blackberries without us. That is an odd but exciting feeling. I don't know exactly when- but we are off on our next adventure soon.

A blog that I really enjoy, Dig This Chick, is having a give away for heirloom seeds. You have to go and comment about what you will be trying for the very first time in the garden this year. She is calling it the Virgin Harvest. I love that. We will be starting all over again. I feel born again. Glad to be back friends.

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."-Einstein