Saturday, November 7, 2009

What's Growin

We dug up our sweet potatoes. Today at the farmer's market I saw a sign that said "How to Save Sweet Potatoes. 1. Dust off dirt but do not wash. 2. Put in paper bag with apple to keep from sprouting. 3. Place in cool, dark place. Will save for a week at room temperature and a month if cooler." The farmer's market is an amazing place.

Fall tomatoes.

The glorious shining light of massive amounts of beans.

The broccoli. Something is eating it. That something appears to be birds. (?) There are no visible bugs and whatever is eating it is only eating the leaves and leaving the baby broccoli growing so I am not so concerned at this point.

Baby Corn. We should specialize and sell to Chinese restaurants. We can ground our entire corn crop down to make one corn tortilla.

Wait for it... Wait for it...Fresh Strawberries!

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